About Taylor

turtle side plank

I was dragged to my first yoga class against my will in 2001. I was 24, had no interest in wellness or fitness and barely survived the hour and a half of weird. For some inexplicable reason I continued to take classes casually until 2012, when my life, quite literally, fell apart. I had battled ADHD, addiction and depression from a very young age and I finally hit an ugly and inevitable bottom.

As I was crawling out of the wreckage that was once my disfunctional life, I turned to yoga fully with my heart open and gradually, through breath, quiet contemplation, discipline, consistency with SOMETHING for once in my life, and learning self-love and compassion... I began to heal.

Beyond the emotional and psychological impact that yoga has had on my life, I have also realized a physical strength and freedom that I never imagined possible. I came to yoga with zero coordination, crepitus in both knees and limited strength and mobility. After a year of a heavily modified Ashtanga practice to protect my knees, my limitations began to disappear and I found myself able to move with ease and grace.

My personal transformation was so powerful that I wanted to go deeper, and in 2014 I enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training at Bryan Kest's Santa Monica Power Yoga, where I had taken my first yoga class so many years before. As the training came to a close, I had a sense of purpose for the first time in my life, and began teaching to share the miracle of practice with as many humans as possible. I have been continuing my education with Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker's 300 hour advanced training in Austin, Texas where I teach public classes at various studios around the city.

I've recently decided that I wanted to travel and teach full time, so I sold everything I owned that wouldn't fit into my backpack and booked a flight to Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico. I've been spending my days learning Spanish and surfing, practicing yoga, swimming in the ocean, eating delicious food, meeting wonderful, kindred spirits and discovering that I need very few "things" to be happy. Follow my blog to learn about my adventures and follow me on facebook and instagram!